The Basics

Training Tips

Your puppy needs to learn basic obedience skills and household manners.  It is up to you to teach your puppy to be a well behaved dog, and a well educated owner makes a better teacher! 

The first priority is housebreaking.  Using a dog crate will help with the housetraining.  Dog crates also provide a safe, secure place for your puppy to stay for short periods of time. 

To establish a good relationship with your puppy, be patient, confident, and consistent.  You will gain the respect of  your dog through proper canine care, motivational obedience lessons, appropriate corrections, lots of praise, and positive reinforcement for desirable behaviors. And don't forget to importance of fun activities.

Training Classes

An obedience course can make the difference between an okay dog and a great dog!  The canine socialization is as important as the skills that your dog taught in obedience classes. Select an instructor that uses a positive approach. These classes will teach how to teach your dog to walk on a leash, come when called, sit, down, and stay. It is good for the dogs to learn in a setting with other dogs and dog owners. The course is worth the time and effort. 

House Rules

Decide on the "house rules" when your puppy is young and then enforce the rules.   If it is not okay with you to have your dog on the sofa, then never let the dog on the sofa.  Provide your puppy with a blanket or dog bed in the living room or family room so your puppy has a comfortable place to nap.  Some people have some rooms off limits to the dog.  Be consistent and your puppy will learn to stay out of these rooms.  You may want the dining room off limits during mealtime or the study may be off limits all the time.  Baby gates are quite helpful during the training period

Bad Manners And Behavior Problems

You do not have to accept unacceptable behavior!  Excessive barking, jumping, and nipping are problems that can be resolved.  If you need help with a more serious behavior problem, seek help from a qualified person. 

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