Sunset Labradors Sales Agreement

The goal of this sales agreement/contract is to protect the interests of the Breeder and the Buyer(s), and to provide for the health, safety, and well being of the puppy. The Breeder wants to avoid misunderstandings and remain on friendly terms with the Buyer(s). The agreement sets forth the Breeder's obligations to the Buyer(s), and the  as obligations of Buyer(s) to the Breeder and the puppy. 

The Breeder and the Buyer(s) agree to all of the following terms:

1. The Breeder and Buyer(s) agree that this sales agreement is a valid, binding contract. This agreement shall be governed by the laws, courts and jurisdiction of the State of New Hampshire to the exclusion of any other forum, and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties.  Additional agreements between the parties must be written, dated and signed by the Breeder and the Buyer(s).  

2. The Breeder considers this puppy to be in good health at the time of transfer. A veterinarian examined the puppy. The Breeder will provide the Buyer(s) with a copy of the Health Certificate. The Buyer(s) assumes all responsibility for any injuries and most illnesses after the puppy is transferred to the Buyer.

3. The puppy may be returned within 7 days for a full refund, if the puppy is in the same condition as he or she was at the time of purchase.  

4. The Buyer(s) agree to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours of transfer, excluding Monday holidays. If the puppy is diagnosed with a minor health problem such as intestinal parasites, ear infection, vaginitis, or bladder infection, the Breeder agrees to pay reasonable veterinary expenses related to the diagnosis and treatment of the condition within 7 days of documentation. If the puppy is diagnosed with a serious preexisting medical condition, the puppy can be returned for a full refund within 7 days of documentation. The Buyer(s) must provide the Breeder with a letter from the attending veterinarian specifying the nature of the malady, the prognosis, and copies of the medical record and expenses. If requested, the Buyer(s) must provide the Breeder with an evaluation from a second veterinarian of the Breeder’s choice. The Breeder agrees to pay reasonable veterinary expenses associated with the second opinion.  If the Buyer(s) decides to retain ownership of the puppy, the Breeder agrees to refund the purchase price of the puppy within 7 days of documentation. 

5. If your dog develops a serious inherited disorder that could prevents your dog from living a fulfilling life prior to 30 months of age and the precautions stated below have been followed, the Breeder will refund 60% to 80% of the purchase price of the puppy within 30 days of documentation or provide the Buyer(s) with a puppy of similar quality from the next litter, as deemed appropriate by the Breeder. The Breeder has taken precautions to prevent the puppy from acquiring hereditary disorders. The sire and dam have been screened for numerous inherited disorders. Healthy dogs can carry abnormal recessive genes that a breeder is not aware of. Both genetic and environmental factors are associated with some orthopedic disorders. Serious inherited disorders include moderate to severe hip dysplasia rated by the OFA, grade II to III elbow dysplasia rated by the OFA, moderate to severe TVD diagnosed by an echocardiogram preformed by a veterinary cardiologist, and severe retinal dysplasia diagnosed by a veterinary ophthalmologist. The warranty/guarantee for hip and elbow dysplasia is invalid if your puppy/dog has been spayed prior to 16 months of age or neutered prior to 18 months of age, the puppy/dog has been overweight during the rapid growth phase, and your veterinarian can not provides documentation that there were no relevant injuries or conditions throughout the time the Buyer(s) has owned the dog. The Buyer(s) must provide the Breeder with a letter from the veterinarians specifying the nature of the disorder, the prognosis, and copies of the medical record. If requested, the Buyer(s) must provide the Breeder an evaluation from a second veterinarian selected by the Breeder. The Breeder agrees to pay reasonable veterinary expenses associated with the second opinion. The limited warranties stated in this agreement are exclusive, and are in lieu of all other warranties or guarantees whether written, oral, expressed, or implied. 

6. Some activities and the care the puppy receives during the first 2 years can contribute to joint disorders. Keeping the puppy at an appropriate weight reduces the risk of these problems. The puppy is at a proper weight if you can easily feel your puppy’s ribs but you can’t see them. Overweight puppies are at a higher risk of developing joint disorders. Catching a Frisbee and jogging must be avoided during the puppy's rapid growth phase. These activities can cause serious damage to developing joints. The Buyer(s) agrees to wait until females are 18 months old and males are 24 months old before playing Frisbee with the dog. Jogging at a slow pace for up to 20  minutes can be started when females are 12 months old and males are 18 months old. Start with a brief walk before jogging with your dog. Dogs overheat easily, so avoid jogging in hot weather. Avoid running on hot surfaces that could injure your dog's paws. In warm weather, provide your dog with water breaks. In the winter, avoid salted roadways to protect your dog's paws. Most adult show-type Labradors in good condition can run up to 5 miles a day. 

7. The Buyer(s) agree to inform the Breeder of any inherited or serious health condition. The Breeder may be able to help the Buyer(s) manage the condition. The information may help the Breeder maintain a quality breeding program.

8. The Buyer(s) agree to provide proper care throughout the dog's life including daily companionship, customary veterinary care in a timely manner, basic obedience training, a healthy diet, and regular exercise. The Buyer(s) agrees that the puppy will reside with the Buyer(s). Puppies must be fed a good quality dog food with 26 to 28% protein and 15 to 18% fat.  Good quality dog foods with 24 to 26% protein and 12 to 16% fat are appropriate for most adult Labradors. Adequate shade, shelter, and water will be provided daily. The Buyer(s) agrees to keep the dog in a fenced area, on lead, or under voice control and within sight of a responsible adult. Routine vaccinations, heartworm prevention, spaying/ neutering, and the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and illnesses such as of paw injuries, ear infections, urinary tract infections, and ACL repairs are considered customary veterinary care. Humane treatment to reduce pain and suffering is customary and should be provided. The extensive treatments of serious orthopedic conditions, severe injuries, and life-threatening cancers are not considered “customary”. The difficult decisions related to the prognosis and treatments associated with serious conditions are at the discretion of the Buyer(s).

9. The Buyer(s) agree that the dog will not be bred. The Buyer(s) agrees to neuter males between 18 and 24 months of age and spay females between 16 and 22 months of age when the dog is not in estrus. The Buyer(s) agrees to provide the Breeder with a copy of the spay/neuter certificate within 30 days of surgery. Spaying or neutering companion dogs is an important aspect of responsible dog ownership. Unplanned and unwanted litters are prevented, and the risk of some cancers may be reduced. The risk of numerous serious health problems may be significantly reduced if these surgeries are done near or post maturity. Based on recent studies, the early spaying or neutering of puppies may predispose them to various health risks including shortened lifespan, bone cancer, hypothyroidism, abnormal bone growth and development, CCL ruptures, hip dysplasia, obesity, and urinary incontinence in females.

10. The Breeder agrees to register the puppy with AKC limited registration. The Buyer (s)understands that the dog’s registered name will begin with the kennel name Sunset. The Buyer(s) agree to complete the AKC registration form on the day the puppy is transferred to the Buyer(s).

11. The Buyer(s) agrees not to transfer ownership of the puppy/dog without the written consent of the Breeder. The Buyer(s) understands that the Breeder retains an interest in all dogs bearing the Sunset kennel name. The Breeder does not want a Sunset Labrador puppy/dog in an animal shelter or in a situation where proper care will not be provided. The Breeder will either take the dog back or assist the Buyer(s) in finding a suitable home. The Buyer(s) agrees to transfer the AKC registration at the time of surrender. A dog returned to the Breeder may be placed in an approved home or remain with the Breeder. If the Breeder sells a returned puppy to a new owner, a refund, minus expenses, will be available to the first owner within 30 days from the date of transfer. 

12. In the event of a Buyer(s) breaches of this agreement, the Buyer(s) agrees to pay all expenses associated with retaking, holding, and securing a new home for this dog, as may be allowed by the law, incurred by the Breeder in enforcing her rights under this contract including but not limited to legal fees and court costs. If the Buyer(s) fails to abide by any term of the contract, if the dog was obtained under false pretenses, or is abused/neglected, the Breeder is released from any stated or implied obligation in this agreement. The Breeder may take possession of the dog immediately without compensation to the Buyer(s), The Buyer(s) agrees to transfer the AKC registration to the Breeder at the time of surrender. The Buyer(s) agrees to pay all reasonable veterinary fees and associated expenses incurred by the Breeder that are directly related to the Buyer’s improper treatment/care of the dog. If ownership of the dog is transferred without the consent of the Breeder, the Buyer(s) agrees to pay the Breeder $2000 within 10 days of the transfer, and to give the Breeder the name, address, and phone number of the new owner. If puppies result from either an intentional or unplanned breeding, the Buyer(s) agrees to transfer all puppies to the Breeder at or prior to 8 weeks of age, and pay for all reasonable expenses incurred by the Breeder to care for the litter and all legal expenses incurred by the Breeder within 30 days of notification. Please Note: The attorney that reviewed this agreement strongly recommended a breach of contract clause.