My Sales Contract/Agreement

Most responsible breeders usually have a written sales agreement that both the breeder and the buyer must sign. 

PLEASE NOTE- I am no longer breeding Labrador Retrievers. The terms of the sales contract I used are listed below.

1. The sales contract will be governed by the laws and courts in New Hampshire to the exclusion of any other forum, and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. The goal of this contract is to protect the puppy/dog, the Breeder, and the Buyer(s). The signatures of the Breeder and the Buyer(s) indicates full agreement and approval of all the terms and conditions stated in the contract. Breeder and the Buyer(s) understand that any additional conditions and/or changes must be written, dated, and signed. 
2. The Buyer(s) understand that the Breeder has the right to terminate this contract prior to the transfer of the puppy. There may not be a puppy in the litter that is a good match for the Buyer(s) or there may be a serious health problem with the puppy selected for the Buyer(s). If indicated, the Breeder will refund the deposit within 7 to 10 days.
3. Sunset Labradors is a small hobby breeding program that strives to breed intelligent, healthy, sound dogs with the classic Labrador temperament, correct conformation, and a low to  moderate energy level. My puppies are sold as a companion pets. The Breeder does not quaranteed that the puppy/dog will be fit for any other specific purpose or activity, including agility trials, conformation shows, field trials, hunting, obedience trials, rally obedience, service, and/or tracking. 
4. The Breeder will register the puppy with AKC on limited registrationThe Buyer(s) understands that the dog’s registered name must begin with the Sunset's.
5. The Breeder considers the puppy to be in good health at the time of transfer. A licensed veterinarian has examined the puppy. The Breeder will provide the Buyer(s) with a copy of the NH health certificate.
6. The Buyer(s) agrees to have the puppy examined by a licenced veterinarian within 72 hours of transfer, excluding Monday holidays. If the puppy is diagnosed with a minor health problem, the Breeder agrees to pay reasonable veterinary fees related to the treatment of the condition within 7 to 10 days from the date the Breeder received the documentation. If the puppy is diagnosed with a moderate to serious pre-existing health condition that could prevent the dog from living a fulfilling life, the puppy can be returned to the Breeder for a full refund, if the puppy is in the same condition as he or she was at the time of transfer. The Buyer(s) must provide the Breeder with a letter from the attending veterinarian(s) specifying the nature of the malady, the prognosis, and copies of the medical record and expenses. If requested, the Buyer(s) must obtain an evaluation from a second veterinarian selected by the Breeder. The Breeder agrees to pay the fee associated with evaluation within 7 to 10 days from the date the Breeder received written documentation. If the Buyer(s) decides to retain ownership of the puppy, the Breeder will refund 40 to 70% of the purchase price of the puppy, as deemed appropriate by the Breeder, within 7 to 10 days from the date the Breeder received the documentationThe Buyer(s) is responsible for all future veterinary bills, excluding expenses associated with the health warranty included in this contract.
7. The puppy/dog can be returned to the Breeder if the Buyer(s) are unable to keep the puppy/dogThe Buyer(s) agrees to transfer the AKC registration to the Breeder at the time of surrender. 
8The Buyer(s) agrees that the puppy/dog can not be transferred to another party without the written consent of the Breeder. If the transfer is approved, the Buyer(s) agree to provide the Breeder with the name, street address, email address, and phone number of the new owner(s). 
9. The Buyer(s) agree to provide the puppy/dog with daily companionship, customary veterinary care in a timely manner, a healthy diet, basic obedience training, and regular exercise in a home-based setting. The Buyer(s) agrees that the puppy/dog will be housed indoors with the Buyer(s) and not be allowed to run at large. The Buyer(s) agree to avoid public outings until after the puppy has completed the recommended puppy vaccinations. Whenever possible, the owner(s) agree to avoid exposing your puppy/dog to pesticides, herbicides, and preservaties. These substances can damage cells, and some may be carcinogenic. 
10. The Buyer(s) agree to notify the Breeder if the family moves to a new location with their puppy/dog. The Buyer(s) agrees to provide the Breeder with their new address, telephone number, and email address within 45 days.
11. Recent studies indicate that spaying and neutering puppies prior to maturity may predispose them to numerous health risks including shortened lifespan, bone cancer, hypothyroidism, abnormal bone growth and development, CCL ruptures, hip dysplasia, obesity, and urinary incontinence in females. The hormones estrogen and testosterone have an important roles in the growth, development, and the overall health of dogs. Discuss vasectomies and ovary sparing spays with your veterinarian. Alternatively, males can be neutered between 18 and 22 months of age. Females can be spayed between 14 and 18 months of age when not in estrus. 
12. The Buyer(s) agrees to reduce the risk that the puppy will develop orthopedic injuries. High impact activities such as jogging, running an agility course, racing over flyball hurdles, rapidly running up and down stairs, jumping up to catch a Frisbee, and/or chasing after a ball can damage the elbow, hip, and knee joints in puppiesPuppies less 15 months old can retrieve a ball that has been tossed a short distance for up to 15 minutes, several times a day. Jogging, agility, and flyball training can start when female puppies are at least 15 months old and males are at least 18 months old. Start slowly and gradually increase the duration and intensity of these activities. Most 2 year old Labradors in good physical condition can run up to 4 miles a day, up to 5 days a week. To avoid paw injuries do not run on hot surfaces with your dog. In the winter, avoid jogging on salted roadways. The Buyer(s) agrees to wait until your dog is at least 2 years old before playing Frisbee.
13. The Breeder has taken numerous precautions to reduce the risk that the puppies will develop inherited disorders. Both the sire and the dam are healthy, sound dogs that have been screened for numerous genetic disorders. If your puppy is diagnosed with a serious inherited disorder that could impair the quality of life and fitness as a companion pet prior to 18 months of age, the Breeder will refund 40% to 70% of the purchase price of the puppy, as deemed appropriate by the Breeder. The Buyer(s) must provide the Breeder with written documentation from 2 licensed veterinarians specifying the health disorder(s), the prognosis, a copy of the medical record, and a copy of the veterinary expenses related to the disorder. If requested, the Buyer must provide the Breeder with an additional evaluation from a veterinarian selected by the Breeder. The Breeder will pay the fee for this evaluation within 7 to 10 days from the date the Breeder receives documentation. The warranty covers moderate to severe hip dysplasia, grade 2 or 3 elbow dysplasia, and grade 3 or 4 patella luxation rated by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. The joint warranties do not apply to any conditions that are a result of accidents and/or injuries. If the puppy/dog is or has been overweight, has been spayed or neutered prior to maturity, or has been exposed to high impact activities, the Breeder may revoke the joint warranties or reduce the amount of the refund. The warranty covers retinal dysplasia that has been verified by veterinary opthamologist. The warranty covers tricuspid valve dysplasia, dilated cardiomyopathy, and pulmonic stenosis. These disorders must be verified by a veterinary cardiologist. The warranty covers Cushing's disease, laryngeal paralysis, osteochondritis dissecans, and muscular dystrophy. The warranty does not cover allergies, arthritis, bloat, cancer, cruciate ligament injuires, dental disease, dermatitis, diabetes mellitus, ear infections, hypoglycemia, hypthyroidism, herniaslymphoma, macular degeneration, missing or misaligned teeth, narcolepsy, panosteitis, parasites, seizure disorders, undescended testicles, or any other disorders not included in the this list
14. The Buyer(s) understands that the Breeder can take custody of the puppy/dog without compensation if the the puppy is being abused or neglected, the adoption of the puppy was based on false information from the Buyer(s), the Buyer(s) fails to abide by the terms of this contract, and/or the Buyer(s) seeks a refund based on a fraudulent health claimThe Buyer(s) is responsible for all of expenses the Breeders expenses related to enforcing the terms of this contract, including all veterinary, transportation, and legal expenses incurred by the Breeder related to the improper care of the puppy/dog, false information, fraudulent claims, and/or breach of the contract. The Buyer(s) agrees to transfer the AKC registration to the Breeder when the puppy/dog is surrendered to the Breeder.