Puppy Questionnaire and Placement Policies

Sunset Labradors is a small hobby breeding program located in Rochester New Hampshire. I breed black and chocolate AKC show-type Labradors, often referred to as English Labradors.

***I do not have any puppies or upcoming litters***

Puppy Placement Policies
  • All first time prospective owners must submit a puppy questionnaire to be considered for one of my puppies. The questionnaire must be filled out by an adult. 
  • At least one visit with all members of the household is required.
  • Prior to the arrival of a litter, I reserve up to 5 puppies. I then start a short waiting list.  Puppies are reserved in the order the questionnaires were submitted. A deposit is not required to hold a puppy. 
  • Sunset Labrador puppies are carefully placed in approved homes. I strive to place each puppy in the home that I feel will provide the puppy with an optimal environment to thrive. The questionnaire responses and any additional information regarding family dynamics and the plans for the puppy are an essential part of the selection process. 
  • The puppy for a family with young children, a first time dog owners, and a senior couple will be carefully selected. In some litters, there may not be a puppy that will be a good fit for these prospective owners.
  • No placement decisions are final until after the temperament testing results are available. The testing is done when puppies are at least seven weeks old. In some litters there may be more than one puppy that is a good match. Occasionally, the prospective owner may be able to select their puppy. There may not be a puppy that will be a good match for some families in every litter. 
  • Visits start when the puppies are about five weeks old. To prevent the spread of dangerous infections, DO NOT visit another litter before coming to my home. If you currently own a dog, please wear freshly laundered clothing and shoes cleaned with a disinfectant wipe. At least one visit with all members of the household is required.     
  • I will not place two puppies from the same litter with a family. There are often problems associated with raising litter mates. The puppies usually develop a very strong bond to each other and form a weaker bond with their new owners. Raising 2 puppies at the same time can be very demanding. Also, it can be confusing for the puppies. A correction or praise intended for one puppy could easily be misinterpreted by the other puppy. I recommend waiting about a year before getting another puppy. 
  • I do not ship puppies. No exceptions.          
  • I will not place a puppy in a new home on or around December 25. It's a very busy, stressful time for most families.  A new puppy needs a calm environment, a consistent routine, daily training sessions, and lots of attention. 
  • The puppies are sold with a spay/neuter agreement with AKC limited registration. Based on recent studies, early spaying and neutering puppies may predispose them to various health risks including shortened lifespan, bone cancer, obesity, hypothyroidism, abnormal bone growth and development, CCL ruptures, hip dysplasia, and urinary incontinence in females. Males are to be neutered between 18 and 24 months of age and females need to be spayed between 14 and 20 months of age.   
 Purchasing Information
  • My puppies are $2,200. 
  • I accept a $300 deposit after the first visit with the puppies if I think there will be a puppy that will be a good match for your family. If there isn't a puppy that will be suitable for your family, the deposit will be refunded within 7 days.
Puppy Questionnaire
  • Please read the Sales Agreement, the Deposit Agreement, and the Puppy Selection Policy posted in the Nursery section before submitting the questionnaire

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