Puppy Information, Policies, and Questionnaire 

Litter Information
  • A 6 month old black male is available to an approved home.
  • No future litters are planned.
Puppy Placement Policies 
  • The puppies are sold with a spay/neuter agreement to families that reside in New EnglandBased on recent studies, spaying and neutering puppies prior to maturity may predispose them to various health risks including shortened lifespan, bone cancer, obesity, hypothyroidism, abnormal bone growth and development, CCL ruptures, hip dysplasia, and urinary incontinence in females. 
  • The puppies will be place with AKC limited registration. The offspring of dogs with limited registration can not be registered with AKC. Dogs with limited registration can participate in numerous AKC activities including obedience, field trials, agility, and tracking.  
  • My puppies are carefully placed in approved homes in New England. My goal is to place each puppy in the home that I feel will meet the requests of the families, and provide the puppy with an optimal environment to thrive.  
    • The puppy for a family with young children, first time dog owners, and  seniors will be carefully selected.
    • Occasionally, there may not be a puppy that will be a good match for some families in every litter.
  • I do not recommend adopting 2 puppies from the same litter. 
    • The puppies usually develop a very strong bond to each other and they may form a weaker bond with their new owners.  
    • I recommend waiting at least a year before getting another puppy.    
  • I do not ship puppies. No exceptions. 
  • Please let me know if you have questions.
 Puppy Questionnaire Instructions
  • Please contact Sunset Labradors prior to submitting the questionnaire.