The Expense


Items to be purchased include a crate, baby gates, food and water dishes, nail clippers, brushes and combs, collars and leashes, dog food, treats, and lots of safe puppy toys.

Many young Labradors are champion chewers. Replacing of items that have been damaged by your puppy can be an expense. Ongoing puppy-proofing your house and yard reduces the risk of damage to your belongings and possible injury to your dog.

Veterinary Care

Veterinary expenses include the series of puppy vaccinations, heartworm prevention and neutering costs.  After the first year, basic veterinary expenses include vaccinations and heartworm prevention.

Expect some unplanned veterinary expenses for flea problems, paw injuries, ear infections, and other more serious injuries or illnesses throughout the dog's life.  A treatable medical problem can cost between $100 and $5000.  The care of older dogs can be expensive.  There are a number of reputable pet insurance companies that many dog owners consider a worthwhile investment.  


Dog should not be allowed to run free.  The dangers are endless.  Electronic fencing may not be adequate.  Some Labradors do not respect electronic fencing. It does not prevent other animals from entering your yard.  This type of fencing is less expensive than chain link and stockade fencing, and it is sometimes less effective.  Six foot portable chain link pens are affordable and often adequate.

Obedience Classes

The cost of training classes varies.  Most instructors charge at least $100 for an obedience course.  Your budget should include the cost of one or two obedience courses, six to eight class each.

While You Are Away

The expense of a pet sitter or puppy day care should to be considered if no one is at home during the day.

Budget for boarding expenses or the cost of pet sitter if you vacation away from home.