Show vs Field Labradors

Labradors are often classified as field or English Labs. Technically, 
English Labs are born in England and American Labs are born in the USA. 

The American show or bench Labrador refers to a stocky build, a short-coupled dog with a wide back skull, a short muzzle, and a thick tail. The American show or bench lines are similar to the Labradors bred in England.  

The American field or working lines tend to produce dogs with a narrow frame, longer legs, a long neck, a more narrow head, a long narrow muzzle, and thinner tail.  

Both American field and American show lines usually produce Labradors with hunting ability. The working lines tend to produce dogs with a stronger drive in the field. Some field bred Labradors are also seen in the show ring. Both types of American Labradors compete in the obedience ring and in agility trials. The working lines tend to produce a more active Labradors.  The offspring of the American show lines tend to be more mellow. 

The Labradors from both working and show lines make wonderful companion dogs. Some lines of Labradors in this country have both show and field dogs in their pedigrees.  The appearance, energy level, and field drive of the puppies are often a reflection of the crosses.