Welcome to Sunset Labradors

Sunset Labradors is a small hobby breeding program located in Rochester New Hampshire. 

*A lovely black male whelped on January 8th is available to an approved home.*


I have dedicated more than 30 years to raising, training, breeding, rescuing, and loving Labrador Retrievers. My puppies are placed with approved families that reside in New England. My current litter will be my last litter.
  • I've had the pleasure of raising 34 Labradors. Currently, I share my home with 9 Labradors. My canine kids enjoy relaxing in the house and playing in a large fenced-in yard.
  • Rally Obedience is my favorite canine sport. The handler and the dog work as a team to complete a course that consists of 12 to 20 signs that illustrate the required tasks. Rally O training promotes teamwork and it's fun. For a little variety, I have some agility equipment.
  • I have been a member of the Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston for more than 25 years. The club promotes ethical breeding practices and supports a range of activities including field trials, conformation shows, obedience trials, and educational programs. The club also supports Lab Rescue and promotes canine health clearance clearances. I've learned valuable information from other members that share their knowledge and experiences. 
  • I was an active volunteer for Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc. for 25 years. I donated my time and talents to supporting the organization by taking calls from people that needed to surrender their Labradors, fostering and training Labradors waiting for their new home, and evaluating families interested in adopting a rescue Labrador.
All of my litters are carefully planned.
  • My goal is to breed intelligent, healthy, sound puppies with correct conformation, classic Labrador temperament, and a low to moderate energy level. 
  • An eager-to-please attitude and the desire to retrieve are priorities. 
  • My girls and the sires have health clearances including hips, elbows, eyes, cardiac by echocardiogram, and numerous DNA tests for inherited disorders. 
  • The sires are selected based on their pedigree, temperament, conformation, and health clearances. I provide prospective owners with information about the sire including copies of his pedigree and health clearances 
  • I usually breed one litter per year.
My puppies are raised in supportive home environment. 
  • For the first month, the puppies are in a whelping box in my guest bedroom. For the next month, the puppies are in a spacious pen in a separate room. Weather permitting, the puppies are in a fenced-in patio area and a large shaded pen for several hours a day. 
  • The puppies are exposed to a wide variety of sights and sounds. 
  • The puppies interacting with numerous visitors so they are well socialized. 
  • For addition information, please review my My Breeding Philosophy in the About Sunset Labs section.
My puppies are carefully placed in approved homes. 
  • I strive to place each puppy in the home that I feel will provide the puppy with an optimal environment to thrive. 
  • The information from the prospective owners regarding their lifestyle, family dynamics, and the plans they have in mind for the puppy are essential aspects of the selection process. 
  • I recommend waiting until the youngest child in the family is at least 5 years old.
  • I consider the temperament testing results as well as my evaluations of the puppies to match them with their new family. 
  • For more information, please review my Puppy Selection Policy in the Nursery section.
The Sunset Labrador deposit and sales agreements are posted in the Nursery section
  • My puppies are $1800.00. I accept a $300 deposit after the first visit with the puppies if I think there will be a puppy that will be a good match for your family.
  • The sales contract includes a detailed health warranty, a return policy, and a spay/neuter clause. 
The Buyer(s) can return the puppy/dog at any age for any reason.
  • The dog will either remain with me or be place in a new home.
I'm happy to answer questions and help owners with any future problems or concerns with their canine companion.

The Animal Bill of Rights

The right to live without hurt and pain,
And to love and be loved.

The right to a warm and healthy environment,
And to be provided food and shelter.

The right to happiness and companionship,
And to live in peace and comfort.

And the right to age gracefully, with integrity and beauty.
And to be given respect as a worthy companion.

The right to have their rights represented by a caring friend,
And to part from this life with dignity.

- Author Unknown